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Office and Object Furniture

Successful companies offer their employees optimized and motivating jobs. Brüderl. With its innovative team and system providers, it is the ideal partner when it comes to office and contract equipment.


The reception of every company is the first business card. We at brüderl. understand how to translate your corporate philosophy and your brand into three-dimensional spaces.


Individual offices, open-plan office, group office or desk-sharing - every room has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have the solutions for you, for which the individual room forms are best suited and we are happy to offer the right furniture for you.


Many of today's common labels for economic trends are primarily about communication. Despite all usable media and networking - only the personal conversation creates the basis for an efficient and effective cooperation!


The age of digitization is unstoppable and presents many companies with new workplace design challenges: Instead of individual office silos with meeting space, it is important to plan and set up meaningful zones for concentration, communication and regeneration today and in the future. We help you!


Transparent design, design options, privacy, modern architecture, flexibility, cost-benefit comparison to conventional drywall systems, straightforward change of room structures.


Even relatively low noise promotes stress and affects the performance capacity in the workplace. Our timeless classic design systems uniquely combine maximum effectiveness with maximum design variety. Each product integrates flexibly and individually into room and workplace concepts and redefines spatial quality in a special way.