Skill in consultancy is a question of style

When the entire knowledge competence of an internationally successful commercial law firm expresses itself in a combination of masterful interior design, furniture creation and craftsmanship, you know you are experiencing something rather special. At almost ten-metres high, the lobby of the new six-storey company headquarters in Frankfurt am Main is the first sign of the high standard adhered to throughout the building. A cosmopolitan sense and large-scale conceptuality blend with great attention to detail and sheer skill in working with exceptional materials. The motif of a large library, the comfortable seating areas by an open fire, the translucent brass mesh room dividers, and the polished brass reception desks with artfully textured wood veneer of the kind used in yacht building demonstrate an appreciation of distinctive solutions. The way in which the brand is presented within the space expresses clarity and consistency, assertiveness and communication skill. With its professional project management and precise building logistics, the brüderl. team has created an exemplary realisation of prestige, emotion and identity in the new headquarters of this law firm. An appropriate style that exemplifies the state of the art.

Our part:

Individual furniture construction

Interior fittings

Project management