The perfect interplay of form, material and space evolves out of the perfect interplay between three people.

Brü a family-run company – managed by Schorsch Brüderl and his sons, Georg and Benedikt. To achieve great things each and every day, you need to have a wide range of skills and expertise all available under the same roof. Our ability to offer the full breadth of services from a single source makes us whole as a company but also makes us wholly successful.

1949: Gründung der Georg Brüderl Bau- und Möbelschreinerei

It was Georg Brüderl senior who laid the foundations of today’s company when he founded the company, Georg Brüderl Bau- und Möbelschreinerei in 1949. We are proud of where we come from - and where we are today. We go our own way and do not follow well-trodden paths. Our roots give us stability to try new things - and we bring the courage to take new steps.

"We are a family-run company that values values."