Milestone of New Work

As the first skyscraper in Germany, the Omniturm in Frankfurt’s banking district combines workplaces, living spaces and public life in a single building. The innovative approach, evidenced on the outside by the ‘hip swing’ in the middle of the building, continues in the interior with the innovative workplace concept. Flexibly designed units combine a contemporary design with a relaxed living room atmosphere, creative and communicative spaces for networking, and functional office spaces in line with the New Work concept. The brüderl. furniture factory created turnkey furnishings for six storeys, including the Community Cafe. The tight schedule, the need to consult with international project partners, and the combination of several works required painstaking preliminary planning and coordination of the complex product, quality and cost management activities. Thanks to both the Click & Collect method employed for the installation work and the perfectly drilled installation team, brüderl. was able to create yet another milestone. This included the development of a new functional communication cube, known as the Meeting Booth.

Our part:

Individual furniture construction

Interior fittings

Project management