This is what winners look like

“We require an office and exhibition building located within the setback line, with a maximum height of 16.5 m. We envisage the building as having a modern and prestigious appearance.” It is quite incredible what evolved out of this barest of outlines given in the architect tender. With its spectacular creation of building as a free form, as a monumental body, brüderl. won the competition for the construction of a new company headquarters.

And if that wasn’t enough, after winning the competition, brüderl. was also awarded the contract for the building’s construction, with the 9,200 m² headquarters being completed in a record-breaking 14 months. Today, more than 200 people work here, in an atmosphere that is appreciated as much by customers as it is by the employees. brüderl. recognised very early on just how important corporate architecture is for a company’s success.

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