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All from one hand.
Everything in one hand.

brüderl. not only plans buildings and sets them up. The development of a business idea in a building or the development of a greenfield site - brüderl. is your partner. For private and commercial interested parties, with in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and the best contacts in the region.

Just beautiful

And because this beauty attracts more and more people, there is hardly a region that would be more suitable for a real estate investment than Bavaria and its pearl, the Chiemgau.

Whether private or business premises: their attractiveness as an investment depends on many factors. Planning, location, quality of construction or economic growth. But the most important thing is: quality of life. A value that incorporates hard and soft location factors. Where he is right, everyone wants to go there - and nobody wants to leave. Are there better conditions for the value of a property?

Solid investment
in brüderl property.

Best prospects for people who want to invest money in real estate.

The Southeast Bavarian economic region is characterized by an optimal mix: global players from various high-tech industries are located here as well as thousands of medium-sized companies, innumerable craft businesses and a thriving landscape. Tourism is booming, the healthcare segment as well, trade and services benefit enormously from the needs of a highly qualified, well-off population.

Safety scheduled.
Growth guaranteed.

Real estate projects by brüderl fit into the landscape. Architectural. Economically. Ecologically.

At the beginning there are always accurate market analyzes and serious future scenarios. Out of them grow convincing plans - so convincing that many projects are sold or rented before the start of construction. That's the way it goes. Because even when renting our motto is: Safety first. Priority is given to long-term leases with reliable partners. And the increase in value? Comes with such an excellent base almost by itself. Above-average economic growth in our region is based on many pillars. It is therefore extremely stable - and with it the value and the added value of your property.

100 % joy.

We give them to our customers and get them back. You notice that because enjoying creative work is one of our strengths. Here you are also always supervised by a team leader from the management, who coordinates clerks and craftsmen …

Our idea of successful real estate investment: Looking for the optimal location, even if it takes a little longer. Precise, needs-based planning, with surprisingly innovative solutions. Exclusively self-marketing, without foreign brokers. And a far-reaching building management after completion. Because we understand our business in a very personal way - and because we know exactly how closely top competence correlates with personal continuity for our clients. We stand for brüderl real estate: Schorsch Brüderl, Georg Brüderl, Martina Muck

brüderl. A name with strong roots in the region.

Security takes precedence over a real estate investment. Is there more security than a partner firmly rooted in the region?

For decades, we have been shaping the topic of building in its most diverse varieties and have taken deep roots as a company. We know the local real estate market with all its peculiarities. And we know that one can gain a foothold here, if one has earned the trust over a long time.

Our services:
Perfect to exceptional.

More being than appearance.

It is not always what we believe we see. When the task is to show little and offer everything, our architects and interior designers are in their element. And in yours.

We build solid real estate in perfect craftsmanship. And also help make dreams come true!

Property valuations

  • Valuation report according to income value method, comparative value method and material value method
  • Calculations according to Term and Reverse and DCF methods

Market and location analyzes, profitability calculations

  • Investigation of land and real estate for marketability and competitiveness
  • Due Diligence
  • profitability calculations
  • Market Rents
  • potential analyzes

Project developments

  • Development away from the green field
  • Due diligence examination of all legal details (contaminated sites, building law, etc.)
  • Search suitable tenants
  • Long-term leases
  • Construction as developer
  • Sale to investors (Individual and total real estate)

Administration and Facility Management

  • Portfolio management (large real estate portfolios)
  • Property management
  • Remedial measures
  • WEG administration
  • Concierge service


  • Client consulting (execution, technical implementation)
  • Investment advice (financial advice for real estate)
  • Buying property
  • Portfolio construction

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